University Research School (EUR) IMCBio

The Graduate School IMCBio was created in 2018 build on research developed in three laboratories of excellence: INRT, NetRNA and MitoCross in Strasbourg, and was extended in 2021 with the joining of the labEx HepSYS. This strategic grouping of Strasbourg's molecular and cellular biology strengths together with interdisciplinary expertise in translational medicine provides a unique environment to offer a broad training for future high-level researchers. Besides the high quality of existing training program provided by the Life Science Master of the University of Strasbourg, IMCBio enhances these programs with additional internships in the teams, integrative teaching approaches, and seminar series given by international renowned scientists. The recruitment of IMCBio PhD students is done through an international call each year. All courses are given in English. They include

  • Mini-symposia in integrative Biology (invitation of specialists of a key research field offering informal discussions with IMCBio students)
  • Ethics and Philosophical sciences course (with the support of the EMBO science policy program “Scientific Integrity: how to publish reproducible results”),
  • Internship rotations in different LabEx teams : 2 laboratory internships of 2 months each during M1 in different LabEx teams to promote transversal training and crosstalk between the consortia.
  • International summer internships to promote Master/PhD student international mobility

Admission criteria

For further details concerning the application process, see