Infrastructures and platforms

ITI IMCBio+ member consortia manage several outstanding research infrastructures and platforms that contribute to the top-level training of the IMCBio students.

For details, these facilities are described in the host institute websites:

  • IBMC hosts the infrastructure EquipEx Insectarium dedicated to work on mosquitoes with human pathogens and BSL3 facility (see video), and mass spectrometry platform to characterize and quantify proteins in samples of different complexity including living organisms, and to identify modifications of proteins and RNAs.
  • IBMP hosts Mass Spectrometry Metabolomics for the annotation of specialized metabolites (see video)
  • IGBMC hosts two infrastructures, one for mouse phenogenomics (infrafrontiers, and PHENOMIN,see video), and the other for Integrative structure biology (French national FRISBI and European Instruct, see video) and several platforms including Genomeast dedicated to large scale gene analysis.
  • IVH hosts BSL3 laboratory and A3 animal facility for recombinant virus pathogens 

ITI presents its technology platforms  Videographer: Hector Granero, SourisToutIraBien

The EquipEx Insectarium infrastructure  Videographer: Hector Granero, SourisToutIraBien. Produced from a video by the University of Strasbourg